Hello, MCPHQ members!

I have a lot of updates to get out there in preparation for the launch of the MCP game in LESS THAN A DAY!

First off, all the maps up till now are active on the website, and you may have noticed that we had to change up the pricing due to the unsavory cryptomarket as well as adding new developers on our side to improve the functionality of our tools. $14.97  will be the new cost per district, ( If you have already purchased a district that price will not change ) and the 30 day trial is now a 14 day trial and will be limited for the first month of the game, after that it will go to 3 day trial.

New Features Slated for Addition:

  • 11 x 11 range of influence added to the district maps.
  • Influence calculators to aid in the selection of building strategies
  • Value hot maps for each district to see how the influence is distributed.
  • Per District Forum Groups

We are working hard to incorporate new and exciting tools to the site, we welcome your continued input and we will add new features to our roadmap as the game grows.

If you would like to become a moderator for the site please friend and message MCP.

Thanks and looking forward to this game rockingthe crypto gaming world.

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